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About Jaguar
We at Jaguar Data Systems Inc know that markets are constantly changing. The traditional methods of reaching your customers and standing out among a world of print, online and social chatter can be daunting and ineffective. Opportunities still exist however, and we help you to identify the customers your business needs to market to, and provide you with the means of putting your marketing plans into action. As a leading business partner in strategic marketing and direct mail services, we utilize a Total Market Integration approach based on the foundation of in-depth market analysis and a supporting structure of both traditional and social marketing solutions to reach target markets.
Just like no business is the same, no marketing strategy should be either. Jaguar Data Systems customizes each marketing program to fit the businessís unique needs and goals. In addition to a complete market analysis program we are able to work with you to create, distribute and measure your marketing campaigns whether they be email, direct mail, print materials, social media initiatives, or an integrated combination of all the marketing channels.

Founded in 1987, Jaguar Data Systems Inc has gained a reputation for providing the highest quality of customer service possible. We continue that tradition today with a staff comprised of experienced professionals and the latest technology and communication methods combined with a traditional approach of one-on-one customer service.

We look forward to being your partners in business.
About Jaguar